Missin' Time

Southeast Michigan's Most Sought-After Cover Band

Classic Rock . . . All Night Long 

Missin' Time

In the summer of 2004, Evan formed a band: Evan on percussion; Paul on guitar, bass, sax and vocals; and Mark on bass. They played at home and with friends and soon met up with Eddie and asked him to join the band on guitar and vocals. Eddie soon brought in Jeff on lead guitar and vocals. Soon Mark was ready to do other things so Paul took over on bass guitar. When Paul also had to leave the band, the guys put the call out for a new bass player and soon found Joe -- who fit in just perfect. Evan had built a studio in his home, and the band worked hard all winter whenever they could find the time -- leading Eddie to start missing work sometimes! A comment from one of his friends, "What are you doing to Eddie? Every time the band practices, he's missin' time at work!" And so Missin' Time, the band, was born. When Spring rolled in, Evan arranged Missin' Times' first gig at the Albonac Harbor Club. Although it was a free benefit event, the guys were just happy to get out and play in front of people. Soon they had a few more gigs, and Sam (keyboard/vocals) joined Missin' Time. Their first gig with Sam was at San Souci on Harsen's Island . . . and they continued there throughout the summer and into fall.

In the course of this first year or so, Evan and Jeff had to leave Missin' Time. This left the band without their original drummer and lead guitar player. At this time, Sammy suggested bringing in local guitar player Larry S., who in turn brought along Dennis C. to cover the now vacant drum seat.

Missin' Time was on a roll it seemed when yet another setback left them without a guitar player, and a new drummer was needed as well. Through Sammy and Eddie, Dennis A. was brought on board as their new drummer.

Not long after they were joined by Mark S. on lead guitar. Missin' Time is now complete. This small super group has been playing nearly every weekend for the past six years, in and around the Detroit area!

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